Remember the event The Spot ? We had the pleasure to meet many companies and here is one of them.

UFITY, a crypto startup based in Switzerland.

Ufity aims to solve one of the biggest issues in today’s society: health problems caused by the lack of physical exercise, thanks to an app. It focuses on the main motivator for an individual, the instant gratification.

Ufity converts physical activity into money through a tokenisation of the effort on the blockchain. The idea is to emulate the mining process of traditional cryptocurrencies, but instead of creating bitcoins with computer power, it creates Ufity tokens with physical power.
Ufity motivates you to move rewarding with its cryptocurrency. Every effort you are doing, you win more Fitys.  And then, they can be spent on a dedicated marketplace for good and services.

Outdooria team members already have their own account on Ufity and they are loving it ! It is a real motivation to go out and have a walk.

The app is available on the AppStore.



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